Empower Your List Building:

Wishpond is excited to introduce three new powerful tools to help you grow your business:
Slide-in Popups, Welcome Mat and Opt-In Bar!


Welcome Mat

A Welcome Mat shows over your entire page, and is awesome to drive blog subscription or inform visitors about a promotion you're running before they start shopping.

Slide-In Popup

A more subtle and user-friendly approach to popups, slide-in popups allow you to inform visitors of promotions, campaigns or offers without obstructing their view of your website.

Opt-In Bar

An Opt-In Bar resides at the top of your page, making it simple for you to alert page visitors of a new promotion or an ongoing campaign.

“The tools that businesses can use to grow their lists and generate leads are constantly developing, and Wishpond is proud to be at the forefront of developing those tools. We are excited to be continually pushing the envelope of how we empower our customers, and the introduction of these three new list-building apps is a big part of that."

Ali Tajsekandar

CEO, Wishpond

Start using Wishpond's new popups today.