Bhu Foods drives 25% month-on-month online growth

In this case study, learn how Bhu Foods used Wishpond's full marketing suite to drive a 25% online revenue increase.

About Bhu Foods

Bhu Foods' is a small business based out of San Diego, California. Their mission is to create a happier, healthier world by offering delicious, superfood alternatives to sugary snacks. Bhu Foods primary product is a line of healthy, low sugar, organic, clean-label protein bars and cookies.

Increase in Online Revenue


New Instagram & Facebook Fans


New prospective customers

The Problem

Bhu Foods, while they have prime position in more than 730 health foods stores across the west coast, was struggling to break into the online market. They engaged Wishpond's fully-managed team to work with them to drive social media engagement, website traffic and sales with a complete digital marketing campaign.

The Strategy  - Campaign

Wishpond's fully-managed team worked with Bhu Bars to create an appealing promotion: six month supply of Bhu Bars. Using Wishpond's landing-page editor, an optimized campaign page was created. Wishpond's software also made it easy to add a social incentive popup to incentivize campaign entrants to Follow and Share on Facebook as well as an entry overlay to drive website traffic to the promotion.

The Strategy  - Advertising

The team ran a successful social media advertising campaign on both Instagram and Facebook, spending $3,000 to promote their marketing campaign. Utilizing best practices and a professional design team, Bhu Foods achieved a Cost-per-Click of $.78 and a Cost-per-Entrant of approximately $1.20.
This drove 2,737 entrants on the campaign page.

The Strategy  - Email

Utilizing Wishpond's in-platform email marketing tool allowed Bhu Foods to quickly and easily send a promotional email to all their campaign's entrants.
The offer has been redeemed by two dozen contest entrants, and 44 online sales can be credited to leads generated by their marketing campaign.


From top of funnel social media engagement to bottom of funnel sales, Bhu Foods' first Wishpond campaign drove serious success. They increased their Instagram and Facebook following by 806, generated 2,530 leads and can credit 44 out of 178 online purchases to their campaign - 
a 25% increase in month-on-month sales.
We hadn't previously worked with any 3rd party marketing companies, and Wishpond was a great surprise. We've really appreciated hearing new strategies from capable professionals every time we talk.
And the results are always getting better. We're excited to see growth month-on-month, and can attribute 25% of our purchases from last month to campaigns with Wishpond. Great company, great professionalism and great results.

- Marketing Director at Bhu

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